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Each number must appear once per row and once per column, but only once!

Sounds familiar? Sounds logical? Sounds easy?

Don't let the easy rules fool you. Try one of the harder puzzles and feel your brain getting its excercise...

Mondoku boasts with color and style! Each Mondoku puzzle is almost a piece of art on its own..

Inspired by the world famous Dutch artist Piet Mondrian this new Sodoku variant surely is the most stylish way to exercise your brain...

The concept seems old, the path seems beaten. But behold: the idea behind Mondoku is fresh, it's shiny and it is innovative.

Knowing Sudoku sure helps, but this whole new take on number puzzle games is guaranteed to excite and capture you!



Sudoku definitely belongs to the best known puzzle games worldwide. The game certainly owes its international popularity to the fact that its rules are very easy and quick to understand. At first glance, the game may seem complicated and number-heavy, but even a beginner quickly realises that the puzzle has nothing to do with mathematics: the game follows a few simple logical rules and inspires millions of brainteasers every day.

Now here comes a new kind of number puzzle that partly shares the main concept of the great ancestor. Mondoku is more than a Sudoku spin-off, however. Designed by the experienced game creator Jerome Morin-Drouin its fresh concept and stylish design will provide endless hours of joyful thinking.

Mondoku is totally free to download and can be enjoyed without any mandatory additional costs. The game can be played on Apple iPhone or Apple iPad as well as on almost any Android smartphone or tablet.


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